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  • 01 Customer Obsession

    Leaders do what will make the same customer come back at least a 1000 times, they keep in their mind that only customers are the real bosses, and the only ones that pays us, the administration only manage the money.

  • Leaders have a deep attention to details, they know details are the building blocks of the company we dream, and are always sceptical when numbers differ with telling. Leaders work on, and teach
    - If one of the smallest details is wrong, then the whole system is wrong.
    - Make details pop up, and you will be amazed how great your work will talk and sell itself.

  • Leaders never sacrifice long-term values and benefit over short-term benefit. All really great things in this world were never the result of short-term thinking.

  • Leaders achieve more with less; they are no extra for headcounts or budget size.

  • Leaders continuously learn to use everything around them, everything they can put hands on, everything they can borrow, etc…. everything that can help them to reach the needed results.

  • Leaders never stop rising standards, and to hire the best is one of their daily bread. Leaders push their team to higher performance constantly and encourage their team to learn grow and innovate.

  • In our company, reports go up but services go down, if you are a leader of a team, then serve your team members not the other way round, and know that there is no task below you. “the CEO can open the gate if necessary “.

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